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Here you can find options for ecotourism, cultural activities, adventure tours and festivals in all regions. We had featured well-known and new destinations.

Explore Colombia by Destinations 

Exotic and Adventure Destinations in Colombia

    • Bahía Solano
    • Guajira
    • Santander
    • Llanos Orientales
    • Caño Cristales
    • Amazonas
    • Cundinamarca
    • Boyacá

Explore Colombia by Regions

  • Caribbean Destinations
    • San Andrés
    • Santa Marta
    • Cartagena
    • Mucura Island
    • Titipan Island

Explore Colombia by Natural Parks

  • Natural National Parks
    • PNN Tayrona
    • PNN Gorgona
    • PNN El Cocuy 

Cultural Routes

    • Botanical Expedition Route
    • Magdalena River Route
    • Coffee Cultural Landscape UNESCO in Colombia


    • Colombia Natural Tour
    • Colombia Colonial Tour