About Colombia

First time in Colombia

Welcome to Colombia! In this post, we describe you at a glance what you need to plan your trip to Colombia. So what's life in Colombia like? What are the people like? How's the food? How much does it cost? Basic tips about security, geography and weather, health, travel documentation and have a look all the travel destinations in the country.    

Colombian Fairs & Festivals

Colombia´s festivals are celebrated in almost all regions. A fascinating mixture of cultures of Indigenous, Spanish and Africans along history had created many festivals that represents traditions, believes and hopes of its people. The most well-known are the Barranquilla’s Carnival, the second most important in South America which is UNESCO intangible heritage and the Festival of Flowers in Medellin. Here is the list of all festivals in Colombia Going from north to south will show you how each region has its particular charm, enjoy it!