About Colombia

Airports in Colombia

The easiest way to arrive at Colombia is to take a seat in one of the airplanes which fly daily from many parts of the world to the international airport of Bogotá, situated in the East of the capital city of Colombia. From there you can take domestic flights or public transport in buses at the near terminal to reach every destination of the country. Those who want to save time can go by plane to every capital of Colombia´s departments and even more destinations. To travel economically you take place in an air conditioned comfort-bus and get known to the landscapes.  Get the best flights offers. Click here! 

UNESCO Heritage

Some of the sites and regions of Colombia have been dedicated by UNESCO either as Cultural or Natural World Heritage. Two natural site: Los Katios Natural Park and Malpelo Flora and Fauna Sancturary and five cultural sites: Coffee Cultural Landscape, Historic Centre of Santa Cruz de Mompox, National Arqueological Park Tierradentro, Port, Fortresess and group of monuments in Cartagena and San Agustin Arqueological National Park. Enjoy this gallery and find out where these unique and amazing places can be found!

Why Colombia is Sabrosura? Around Colombian in 5 cheerful Songs

If you are planning to travel to Colombia and you feel deeply interested to explore in deep a country culture, this post is for you. Probably you had been searching about Colombia, finding out that this beautiful country has a delicious variety of cultures within its borders. The purpose of this post is to musicalize that search and to share you in context about each corner of our country, without skipping, of course, to showcase the Colombian artists that provide that particular flavor to music and life, this is sabrosura to the world!

Exploring the unknown path at the other side of Cocora Valley

When you think about tropics and paradise, probably some exotic palms with a coconut cocktail in a sandy beach jumps to your mind. What it is a little more unknown to some people is that palms can also grow among mountains, at high altitudes, such as the case of our beloved wax palm who is the celebrity in this story.