Beach & Sun

Cabo de la Vela - North cape

The Guajira Department is the very north point of Colombia and South America, arriving there is like entering into another dimension, different like the usual beaches, endless landscapes, incredible sunsets and unique cultures. Its deserts will let you feel far away from civilization, but still pleasant, and the cristal clear water invites you to do Surfing or Kite-Surfing, the consistent and warm winds will guide you above the surface. For the indigenous people of the Wayuu it´s a sacred place, and its dialects are part of the Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.

From USD 70

National Park Tayrona Packages

A magical place! Between the mountains and the sea. The Sierra Nevada is located on the Atlantic coast, the Tayrona Natural Park, proclaimed as the highest coastal mountain coastline in the world, since only 42 kilometers from the coast rises 5775 (meters), which makes possible the experience of all thermal, from the warm dry until perpetual snow, great place, is not it? Besides this, there are resguardas indigenous communities, Kogi, Arhuacos, Wiwa and Kankuamo, descendants of the Tayrona. A natural destination and reunion with native peoples.

From COP 655.000

San Andres Island Packages

San Andres Island is a mixture of truly Caribbean paradise and charming culture plus a fascinating history of pirates who used to surround the shores of this island looking for a place to hide their treasures, nowadays the treasure is exposed to everyone in the immensity of beauty when you open your eyes in San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina…


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